Powder Coating Dog Kennel

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Powder Coating Dog Kennel

The powder coating dog kennel is fabricated using 32 mm diameter frame pipe and 3.8 mm or 4 mm diameter black welded mesh wire. Strong and durable, it provides high level of security and safety for dogs. As the mesh ends are welded onto the frame, there is no protrusion or sharp point that may stab dogs. Thanks to the powder coated finish, our dog kennel is well protected against corrosion and can maintain its attractive surface for years to come. In addition, the use of modular panels makes assembly and disassembly easy. Available modular panel sizes include 1 m *1.2 m, 1.5 m *1.8 m, 2 m *1 m, 2 m *1.7 m, 2 m *1.8 m, and 2 m *2.2 m.

We is a specialized powder coating dog kennel manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides plastic press machine, steel horse fence, steel animal trailer, hot dip galvanized dog kennel and more.

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